Our Services

Disabilities—YNHS believes in inclusion of all students. YNHS also serves as an advocate for families seeking special services from local school districts

Education—In addition to classroom services, YNHS education includes developmental screenings, on-going assessments, classroom and individual planning, educational observations, and individualization.

ERSEA—YNHS focuses on high-risk families (including low income, foster children, homeless, and others). This component also includes recording and documenting attendance requirements (85% attendance)

Family—YNHS family services include social services and family engagement. YNHS focuses on creating a strong relationship between families, community, schools, and organizations.

Health—YNHS believes a child that is not in good health will not be able to reach their full potential. YNHS has specific health requirements, such as dental, physical, immunization, and various other health screenings.

Mental Health—YNHS believes that a happy and confident child learns best. We offer services to families and children, including individual plans.

Nutrition—YNHS provides health meals and snacks to all children. We participate in the CACFP program and follow USDA food guidelines. Our Toppenish Center contracts with the school district. We also provide national activities.