Yakama Nation Head Start (YNHS) was established in 1969 through the hard work and dedication of Parents, Employees, and Community Members. As a tribute, YNHS strives to continue to carry out high quality early childhood education to the children within the Yakama Reservation and Ceded Area.

The purpose of Head Start is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of a child as a whole by meeting individual needs. The program seeks to develop a positive self-image by accepting each child’s culture, language, and family background. Lesson plans reflect a wide range of activities that focus on developing skills in the various developmental areas that will enhance a successful transition into the public school system.

YNHS recognizes that the child’s first and lifelong education comes from the home. Thus, families and YNHS become partners in the education of their child. YNHS will strive to increase parent participation in all components of the program. YNHS prepares children and their families for the future.