Mission and Goals


YNHS implements quality early childhood education, culture, language, and continuous support to empower diverse Native children and families.

Goals and Objectives 2018

  1. YNHS will work to bring in a family engagement curriculum to use with Early Childhood Programs to create a standard approach and language to improve services.
    1. By February 2017, YNHS will survey tribal programs that serve children birth to five to understand services to help chose an appropriate curriculum.
    2. By August 2018, YNHS will host a cross training for the Family Engagement Curriculum, for at a minimum Head Start and Early Intervention staff.
  2. YNHS will work to identify both tribal and non-tribal sources for Non-Federal Share due to increase in grant ($255,468) and decreases in tribal funding (-$88,091).
    1. By January 2018, YNHS will create a list of programs that are eligible to be counted towards non-federal share.
    2. By January 2018, YNHS will identify three local businesses or non-profits that can provide Non-Federal Share.
  • YNHS will utilize all funding, to the extent possible, in the development of Ichishkíin Language Learning.
    1. By November 2017, YNHS will draft an estimated cost for a summer Ichishkíin Language Program to instruct children and develop language tools.
    2. By April 2018, YNHS will search for three grants to help with the cost of the Summer Ichishkíin Language Program.